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M.R.Decks LLC

Deck Design and Building Services

                            WHAT WE DO

      It all begins with your free design consultation, where we send the owner to personally look at your property. Even if you’re not sure on the specifics, we can give you ideas and identify possibilities based on your goals and budget. We won’t just throw together a random price estimate either. We’ll give you a precise quote so you’ll know exactly what you can expect to pay.

                           WHO WE ARE

       We’re known in the Carolinas for creating additions that seamlessly work into the existing design of your property, and building new structures that look as if they were always part of our clients’ homes. We’re proud to say we offer services to meet the needs of everyone. Every design is one-of-a-kind and custom made for our clients.

      We’ve developed a reputation as a quality outdoor living builder, by working with our clients every step of the way and ensuring they receive the deck of their dreams 


Our team has 10 years of Outdoor design and deck building experience.

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